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With WorkPlace, you can cut right to the core of what’s actually going on in your company at any time.

Team members can see how much progress their co-workers have made, get real-time updates on company projects and see how their work fits like a puzzle piece into the larger picture of shared company goals.


With WorkPlace you can easily manage your business, work from anywhere and make it all more efficient than ever.

We have targeted four main areas:

1) Company MissionMission-led companies outperform 9 to 1. Clearly and concisely communicate the solutions you want to provide to your customers. Plaster that mission front and center for all employees to see.

2) Human Resources: Treat employees like adults. Let them manage their own time and be judged on productivity (not hours in an office building). Clearly state promotion paths going forward with steps that are achievable monthly or bi-annually.

3) Actionable Game Plans: Focus on doing things instead of just talking about doing things. Give everybody access to a transparent stream of what’s actually getting done instead of celebrating those who just talk.

4) Company Progress Reports: Every Sunday evening a company-wide progress report is e-mailed out to all employees so that everyone is ready Monday morning to pick up where they left off.

WorkPlace reveals the pulsing heartbeat of progress in your company and the people who power its success.

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WorkPlace has your back: 
1) Simple clocking in and out. 
2) Updating co-workers on your progress.
3) Assigning people to create and manage new projects. 
4) Measuring and rewarding employee career progress. 
5) Concisely communicating overall business objectives.
Aug 14, 2013
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